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8 simple borderline personality disorder symptoms and causes


Have you ever noticed an unexpected change in your behavior or you start facing problems in your everyday life?  like dealing with emotions, sudden anger, obsession with image, etc.

We often miss out on observing personality disorder symptoms in ourselves or if we do, we give blame to general stress or exhaustion.

It’s a fact that more we are aware of physical diseases on the other hand we are less aware of mental illness.

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is one of the mental disorders, affects your pattern emotions and behavior. In this, a person deals with different fears like fear of rejection and uncertainty.

This mental disorder usually starts appearing from middle age. In what age or time person recover from this disorder is dependent upon the severity of illness.

In case of having personality disorder symptoms, no need to get disheartened because it is treatable and has high chances to get with the help of Simple psychotherapy.

Examine yourself on time if you observe such symptoms and start living a normal life. This article will provide you a complete insight into the disorder, its symptoms, and cure.

Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms & Causes


Usually, its hard to find causes in mental illness, the same goes for borderline disorder its causes are not clear. Different factors can also be the reason behind this disease like emotional, environmental, and professional factors.

· Inheritance

The existence of personality disorder symptoms in genetics is the common cause. If the disease ever existed in ancestors than there are chances that disease can be inherited to generation. Not everyone in the family has this issue but one or more person has chances to got this.

· Brain Doesn’t Function Properly

Brain Doesn’t Function Properly

We know that brain is the most dominating part of our head that regulates the whole body. As our body undergoes different changes with age our brain also changes. Emotional imbalance, frustration, and sensitivity occur when brain chemicals don’t work properly. Many borderline personality disorder examples are seen which is caused due to brain misfunction.


Borderline personality disorder is not a dangerous or incurable disease. Usually, it’s a psychotherapy treatment Myth that makes ever mental illness horrible. Sudden change in behavior or disturbing attitude with others is initial symptoms. It may also include

  1. High degree fear of rejection and staying cautious about getting separated or rejected.
  2. The emerging state of believing and disbelieving, if a person shares a happy relationship and suddenly start behaving cruel or careless.
  3. Start being over conscious about self-image or reputation, transform yourself in terms of thoughts and values, and considering yourself bad and useless.
  4. Person surrounds itself with stress and distrust only take things negatively and stay far away from reality.
  5. Become harmful to oneself and others, unwary behavior like excessive drink and drugs, risking life, career, the job for no reason, and abuse
  6. Being suicidal, a threat for yourself getting injured to avoid abandonment.
  7. Extensive mood swings that can last longer and that can be staying happy or friendly also can be evil or shameful.
  8. The all-time feeling of loneliness and emptiness.

How to Overcome Borderline Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder

It is worrying if you or any of your loved ones have this disorder. It seems difficult to admit that you are suffering from something that does not become so obvious. high functioning borderline personality disorder test can help you in catching the disease.

Looks for a good and licensed mental health expert, there are many pain relief psychotherapy centers in Seattle that you should look in case you or anyone around you have these symptoms. Consult any professional and start your recovering journey, hence its treatment is time taking and requires long conversations and therapy so you must need someone trained who deals with such conditions steadily.

Once you catch your symptoms and you committed to yourself to get the help so you will be able to learn how to balance your feelings and find ways to improve your behavior. Correct borderline personality disorder medication at the correct time will bring health and positive change in you.


We might not familiar with the accurate borderline personality disorder definition but we know its deadliest effects that make our life terrible. Every area of life can be affected that includes.

  • Frequent job changes or loss in business and job
  • Left education in the middle and remain with incomplete education
  • Responsible for legal problems, jail, crim, etc.
  • Toxic relationships can lead to high stress and divorce
  • Self-destruction, harming yourself, burning, infecting, accidents or cutting
  • Illegal relationships and abuse
  • Drugs, fights, risky behavior all the time
  • Several attempts of suicide

Other Health Problems Linked With BPD

Health Problems

Health Problems

Borderline personality disorder symptoms also linked with other health issues along with its genuine causes.

  • Excessive use of alcoholic drinks
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Intake of dangerous drugs and pills
  • Eating disorders


Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a behavior disorder and affects how you behave with others or with society. It is known as the most common personality order found in adults.

The personality disorder symptoms easily notify the person that significantly differs from the regular normal person. It highly changes the person, in terms of values behavior, feelings, and perceptions.

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